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Criminal Justice
Overcrowded jails, soaring incarceration costs, and rising recidivism rates are just a few of the challenges impacting law enforcement agencies nationwide. To combat these challenges, agencies are leveraging electronic monitoring tools to create a wide range of structured offender monitoring solutions for different types of alternative sanctions programs. Electronic monitoring, in the form of GPS tethers and GPS ankle bracelets, has proven to be an invaluable asset in the development and success of these types of programs.

However, as law enforcement agencies are seeking to leverage electronic monitoring tools to create new systems for tracking offenders and defendants, the primary obstacle is the inability of solutions to track individuals continuously both indoors and outdoors using a single device. This poses a tremendous challenge for agencies that need constant visibility into an offender or defendant's whereabouts in order to truly enforce the conditions of participation in an alternative sanction program.

Only Omnilink provides an electronic monitoring solution leveraging dual GPS and assisted GPS tracking to provide unparalleled visibility into an individual's location and activities, regardless if the offender is indoors or outdoors. The result is a dramatically improved success rate for a wide range of electronic monitoring programs.

Sex Offenders
With Omnilink's sex offender tracking solution, law enforcement agencies are able to track sex offenders from the moment they leave prison. Because Omnilink's electronic monitoring solution works outdoors and indoors, it allows law enforcement to monitor offender movement at all times. Officers are alerted when offenders are not where they should be or if offenders get too close to a forbidden zone.

Domestic Violence Offenders
Omnilink's domestic violence solution gives law enforcement visibility into an offender or defendant's whereabouts in relation to the location of his or her victim. The combination of a one-piece electronic monitoring device, a small device carried by the victim, and "Mobile Exclusion Zones" in FocalPoint™ provides information on the proximity of an offender to a victim.

Domestic Violence Victims
The Omnilink electronic monitoring solution offers a unique tool for helping to further ensure the safety of domestic violence victims. With the Omnilink tools, a domestic violence victim can be monitored using a small tracking device that fits in a purse or pocket. The data from this unit correlates the location of the victim in relation to their attacker at all times and provides alerts to the victim if the individual is approaching, enabling them to seek protection from law enforcement or other assistance.

Pre-Trial Defendants
It often makes economic sense to release a "low risk" defendant rather than hold him or her in jail for months until a hearing. Leveraging the Omnilink pre-trial monitoring solution, agencies are able to monitor pre-trial defendants as part of their bond to help ensure they comply with appearance dates and other restrictions of their release. These pre-trial monitoring solutions also act as a tremendous deterrent to additional criminal activity.

Studies on recidivism rates have proven that over 50% of individuals released from incarceration, find themselves in some form of legal trouble within 3 years. Government agencies are always looking for tools to help reduce recidivism rates and improved the introduction of offenders back into their communities. Many local, state and federal agencies have begun to leverage GPS and assisted GPS tracking tools to help ensure compliance with the requirements of different release programs.

House Arrest Participants
The challenge with house arrest and curfew programs is the inability of law enforcement to provide continuous direct supervision to ensure offenders are in specific locations at specific times. Omnilink's offender monitoring solution enables law enforcement to track an individual's location 24/7, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors. Also, because the solution is a fraction of the cost of traditional incarceration, house arrest programs can be fully funded by offenders instead of taxpayers.

Truant Students
Individuals involved in gateway crimes, such as truancy, are more likely to participate in more serious criminal activity later in life. Juvenile law enforcement agencies throughout the country are looking for effective ways to ensure truant students remain at home, in school or at work at the required times. GPS electronic monitoring systems can play a significant role in helping ensure children attend school in order to receive an education and to help reduce the rate of additional criminal activity later in life.

Gang Members
Limiting the interaction of gang members is the best way to safeguard communities from their criminal activities and to help members find a new way of life. Omnilink's gang monitoring solution notifies law enforcement when monitored gang members are in proximity to each other.

Electronic Monitoring Solutions for Corrections Professionals
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