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American Corrections Specialists is the leading solution for electronic monitoring. Our company has revolutionized the industry by continually improving the methods of tracking individuals in the corrections industry. Home detention using electronic monitoring has been a suitable alternative to incarceration for several years. The cost of electronic monitoring is substantially lower than keeping individuals behind bars. The monitoring program allows non-violent, pre-trial, and short term sentencing inmates to remain under supervision while in the community. Various methods of monitoring are available that are not only cost effective, but discrete allowing them to reintegrate back into society. For violent cases, sex offenders, and others requiring higher sanctions, there are advanced technologies that track an offenders every move, and allow probation officials to effectively track and report the whereabouts of the offender. These technologies provide effective tools for case officers responsible for a variety of offender classifications. American Corrections Specialists provides highly sophisticated voice verification, speech recognition and tracking measures for non-violent offenders. Our web-based system successfully allows reporting, alert notification, and flexible scheduling. We also provide GPS One Piece Devices for tracking higher risk offenders.

Electronic Monitoring Solutions for Corrections Professionals
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Omnilink Systems
Overcrowded jails, soaring incarceration costs, and rising recidivism rates are just a few of the challenges impacting law enforcement agencies nationwide. To combat these challenges, agencies are leveraging electronic monitoring tools to create a wide range of structured offender monitoring solutions for different types of alternative sanctions programs. Electronic monitoring, in the form of GPS tethers and GPS ankle bracelets, has proven to be an invaluable asset in the development and success of these types of programs.

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OSM – Outreach Smartphone Monitoring
American Corrections Specialists offers an electronic monitoring solution that combines active GPS, BAC and event reminders via smartphones.
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