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American Corrections Specialists offers an electronic monitoring solution that combines active GPS, BAC and event reminders via smartphones.

  • "Check In" captures GPS location, generates pass code and facial recognition video of defendant
  • "Check In" random schedule set by monitoring party or defendant can voluntarily check in
  • Customizable Geo Fencing. Place inclusion or exclusion zone for each defendant
  • Blood Alcohol Content test using FDA approved, fuel cell, Bluetooth breathalyzer with video verification, BAC failure prompts UA via web application, Application identifies specific breathalyzer and records GPS position
  • All breathalyzer check-in videos reviewed by OSM staff
  • "Calendar" sends push notifications reminding defendant of court, testing, medications, events, to decrease failure to appear rates
  • Required paperwork or questionnaires automatically sent to defendant phone, completed and attached to case file on web application, monitoring party has the ability to select question answers to prompt alerts
  • Violation Alerts automatically sent to monitoring party
  • Compliance reports documenting all communication and activities during supervisory duration

Electronic Monitoring Solutions for Corrections Professionals
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